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Serial Killers

Killing is bad and I think most of us would agree, yet there are some people born with a desire to harm and mutilate other humans that is so strong, they cannot control themselves. These are serial killers and they are quite an interesting bunch.

Jack the ripper

Maybe one of the most famous serial killers of all time, it is not certain whether the murders attributed to this name were all committed by one person and even today, this case remains unsolved. This particular murderer operated in and around the vicinity of Whitechapel district, London from the year 1888 and the name was given as a result of a letter written to a newspaper, by someone claiming to be the killer.

Serial killers today

Throughout our history, many people, usually males, have been known to act differently from that of the average person. Most common trait among them is the lack of basic human emotions. A normal person would think twice about causing harm to another, its simply ingrained in us and though it does not always stop acts of violence from being committed, it is there.

Serial killers are different, they share no compassion or understanding of human feelings, they simply lack the ability. As a result of this, I speculate that they find themselves in need of stimulation and the best way to acquire this is to do something extreme. Most cases involving a serial killer, do not present the typical murder victim image, usually the scenes are gruesome and unreal.

In most cases of murder, people have some form of motivation, be it self defense, financial, material, romantic, betrayal, or any other form of personal violation or desire. This is not the case with serial killers, they simply want to cause harm, to enjoy it, to feel alive as they snuff the life out of another human being. Some even claim to receive sexual pleasure from the act.

Psychological Disorders

Recent studies involving brain scans have shown that serial killers have different brain proportions from that of regular people. These abnormalities can be a result of two things, genetic mutation or through trauma at a young age. The final conclusion is that serial killers cannot help be who they are, however, this is no reason for society to condone their actions.

Many problems arise as a result of society and civilization and as we learn more about our natural world through the aid of technology and investigation, we become better equipped to deal with them.

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