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Abortion can be termed as removal of an embryo which does not have the ability to survive. As a matter of fact the issue of abortion is not as easy as the definition provided above. Innumerable debate on abortion is still in process and it is yet to be decided whether it is right or wrong. The entire concept of abortion depends on the level of interpretation. Some opines that it is the right of a woman to decide her future course of action. It depends upon her to decide what should be done and hence abortion should be a right for her. On the contrary the other section of the society tags abortion as murder of a baby who is yet to take birth and develop as a human being. There are many questions which can be raised in this regard.

Abortion a gray topic

It is upon a woman to select the course of action. The productive organs are hers and therefore she must have a sole right what to do. It should not be dictated by someone or the government. She must have the freedom to decide what is good for her and what is bad. This must be left entirely upon her to decide as she is matured enough to value the good and bad. Some critics opine that abortion is an absolute right of a woman and she can proceed with it if she is she desires. This sheds light on the women’s right. Hence, women have the sole right over reproductive capacity. Some arguments have clearly signified the fact that abortion is altogether very risky for health and leads to a feeling of guilt. There are also many health hazards such as risk of breast cancer. Hence, keeping into consideration the health hazards it has been put to a lot of debate. Moreover, many religions consider abortion as a sin and hence asked to abolish abortion. In recent times, abortion has become very controversial.


Hence, it can be concluded that abortion should be allowed only under certain circumstances when other measures are not available. Yes, it is upon the whims of a woman to give a birth to a child but she should not take away the life of an unborn baby unless the situation demands or when abortion is the last resort. Abortion should be used only as the last option and not as a necessity.

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