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Youth Issues

Globally, in most of the societies youths have issues. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to deal with youth issues as sometimes they are not easy to understand. Youth issues in different societies may be alike and similar. The nature of youth issues in different societies may vary for particular reasons. The technological advancement and knowledge at the youth’s disposal affect the nature and extent of youth issues. The availability of information among the youths in a society is also an important factor in determining the nature and extent of youth issues. Most of the youth issues may be harmful to the youths and the society as a whole. The most important thing however when dealing with the youth issues, is looking at the issues and their root causes. The youths, the communities and the governments of various countries all have a role to play in dealing with youth issues in the society today. A lot of efforts are thus required to curb some of the youth issues.

Most Common Youth Issues

The youths may be affected by various issues. The youth issues affecting the youths may be similar in most of the societies. However, the nature of the issues and the extent may vary due to environmental, informational, technological, social and economic factors. Drug abuse is a major youth problem. Youths sometimes use drugs trying to deal with other issues affecting them. Others may be drawn to drugs due to peer pressure or poor parenting. Violence in schools has become a major phenomenon in schools where youths riot and get violent. The use of weapons to harm and injure others among the youths is a harmful youth issue. Materialism is another major youth issue. Most youths need many things. This is because the society has taught them that wealthy leaving is the best. Youths are thus involved in acts of theft and violence to acquire materials to fit in the societies.

Dealing with Youth Issues

The youth issues may be harmful to the youths and the society too. The first step is to know the root causes of youth issues to ease handling and dealing with them. Proper parenting is vital and should involve bringing up children in a way that they understand the vices of the society. Education systems should incorporate youth issues in the system so that they are addressed and dealt with even before youths get involved. Those in the societies should live their lives as role models.

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