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Las Vegas


Las Vegas is the chief city in the state of Nevada in the United State of America. It was founded in1905. Its population as of 2013 was slightly more than 600,000 inhabitants. An estimate of the metropolitan area of the city in 2013 was slightly above two million people. Las Vegas is known worldwide for its entertainment-based lifestyles and tourism appeal. It is one of the top destinations for tourists worldwide. Las Vegas has more hotels that are of the highest grade than any other city globally. Las Vegas is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Las Vegas is among the most favoured cities in the United States by business tycoons for their meetings. In fact, the city ranks within the top three for such occasions. One notable feature of Las Vegas is its vibrant night life and gambling joints called casinos. Las Vegas proclaims itself as the global capital for entertainment. Film producers, musicians and other actors in the entertainment industry find the appeal of Las Vegas quite irresistible, making the city a favourite destination for productions.

Important Facts about Las Vegas

The city, though established in the year 1905 only officially achieved the status of a city six years later. The state of Nevada granted legal status to gambling in casinos in 1931, paving the way for Las Vegas to achieve fame as a major centre for gambling and entertainment in the U.S. The city falls within a basin in the Mojave Desert and is prone to being hit by flash floods. It is surrounded by peaks of various heights. Las Vegas occupies about 350 square kilometres of land.

The city’s climate is classified as subtropical and it enjoys an abundance of sunshine all through the year. Though the city experiences winters yet the winter periods are usually short. White people that are not of Hispanic origin constitute about 48% of the city’s population. Hispanics make up almost 32% while Blacks are about 11% of its population. Native Americans are less than 1% of the population. The economy of Las Vegas revolves around its entertainment, its gambling joints and casinos. This necessarily feeds resultant business chains of restaurants and hotels. Consequently, tourism has been a mainstay of the Las Vegan economy. Currently, efforts are underway to ensure that the economy of the city is diversified by attracting investments in other fields of endeavour. It is noteworthy that several museums are located within the city.

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