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Child Development

Child development is the biological, mental and emotional changes experienced by humans from birth to the end of adolescence. What makes this an interesting development is the fact that each child’s development is predictable, yet unique and yields different results in individuals.

Areas of Development

Children tend to go through five main areas of development until the end of adolescence. Cognitive development deals with the child’s ability to comprehend and solve problems. An example is a 6-year-old child learning to solve a mathematics problem.

Social and Emotional development deals with the child’s ability to socialize with other children, such as the ability to interact with other children. An example of this is a pre-school child befriending a child and playing games.

Speech and language development deals with the child’s ability to communicate and understand language. An example of this is a child saying his first words or learning proper grammar in school.

Fine motor skill development deals with the child’s ability to use small muscles, mainly their hands and fingers, to do tasks such as pick up small object, eat food and use a pen.

Gross motor skills development deals with the child’s ability to use large muscles. Examples of such skills are learning to walk and jumping.

Development Milestone

A development milestone is a skill a child is expected to learn by a certain amount of time. For example a development milestone is walking, which a child is expected to have learnt by 9 to 15 months old. Development milestones develop in a sequence, which means some skills need to be learnt before new skills can be developed. For example, for a child to walk it has to learn to crawl, then stand up using a piece of furniture, then stand up and balance itself without help before finally learning to walk.

When children fail to meet certain milestones usually expected of a child, such as walking and communicating, within the expected milestone timeframe, it can usually be an indicator of an underlying problem with the child, and parents are recommended to consult the child’s doctor.

Many scientists have developed theories on how children develop such a complex set of skills during their development, however there is no clear consensus about this amongst the scientific community, and it continues to be a topic of interest.

Child Development is a vital phase for humans which teaches them basic tasks such as walking and communication which are vital for their adult life.

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