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In a nutshell, ecotourism is a kind of tourism that takes care to look after the local community in which a holiday is set. This can mean many different ways to look after the local landscape, wildlife and in some cases means a working holiday designed to improve the lives of a community. Ecotourism is not only about the local community however but also includes ways to make travel to a chosen destination as sustainable and less damaging to the environment as is possible.


One of the many types of ecotourism shows ways to help protect the landscape and also the wildlife that lives in a chosen destination. These types of holiday are not only just for those who want to help physically but also through charitable holidays where profits are put into protecting the area and the local wildlife. Ways that you can help to protect wildlife and landscape while on holiday include:

  • Visits to local nature reserves with a guide
  • Visits to museums
  • Safari holidays where profits are put back into the local area

Some people however would like to do more to help a local area and there are specialised holidays where you can physically help build, create or educate local people.


One of the most popular kinds of ecotourism seems to lie in helping the community. Holidays of this kind allows you to use your natural skills in order to help build a better life for the local people. Skills that can be utilised in this fashion include:

  • Building skills
  • Farming skills
  • Medical skills
  • Teaching skills

Even if you do not have the skills that are listed, these are skills that can be learned on any such holiday and carried into other areas of life and wok looking good on any resume.


Many people these days are concerned with their carbon foot print. Ecotourism in particular looks to lesson your carbon foot print. This can be achieved by looking at the way you travel to your chosen holiday destination. The less fuel that is consumed by each person, the less of a carbon footprint is created.


Ecotourism is all about protecting the people and the local community of a holiday destination. However there is also much to consider about how you get around. You can do much to help a local community by seeking activities that are designed with locals in mind.

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