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Vital Pros And Cons Of Animal Cloning

Animal cloning is one of the most critical debates of the present era. The process has garnered both opponents and proponents. The people supporting the process put forward the following arguments:

  1. Way to protect the extinct animals: The process of animal cloning enables the authorities to recreate the animals that are on the verge of extinction. This, as a result, enables them to repopulate the world with these animals and in a way keep the circle of life under check.
  2. Assists in the production of medicinal drugs: The agricultural animals such as goats, cows, and sheep are solid protein sources that can aid in mitigating human health problems. For instance, sheep contain proteins that facilitate clotting of human blood. The process of animal cloning enables scientists to increase the population of these animals. Animal cloning, therefore, contributes to the advancement of the field of medicine.
  3. Recreation of the Deceased Animals: Animal Cloning saves the pet lovers from missing their deceased pets. Scientists, by using the process of animal cloning, can create identical animals. However, this is not always true. For instance, in case of cats CC and Rainbow, the cloned cat was not identical to the deceased one.

The opponents of animal cloning also deploy a number of strong arguments to establish their point of view. Some of the points are:

  1. Presence of Mutations: Somatic cells play an important role in the process of animal cloning. These cells, when contain mutations, can have dangerous impacts on the subject being cloned. In addition, the identical animal, because of the presence of mutations can be very weak.
  2. Death: The process of animal cloning can lead towards the death of the animal if the mitochondria in the egg of the donor do not match with that of the Somatic cell.
  3. Fiscal and Non-Fiscal Costs: The process of animal cloning deploys a lot of money and time. More so, this process is not always successful. As a result, the resources used in animal cloning can be wasted completely.
  4. Opposition of the laws of nature: The opponents of animal cloning indicate that by using this process human beings are interfering with the laws of nature, which is morally and ethically incorrect.

Animal cloning is one of the most fascinating wonders of science. The matter of cloning is, however, unsettled, as both sides have something positive to offer.

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