step to a creative essay writing

A manual on academic writing:
how to compose a perfect essay


There is definitely a right way to write my essay. In order to compose a perfect essay, it will be important for you to follow this easy to understand manual on academic writing. It will walk you step by step through the process and let you know about all of the different things that need to be included when writing a successful essay. In other case, you can use a professional writing service for students if you need help writing your dissertation.


The first thing to do when composing an essay is to choose a topic. You need to take your time and choose a good essay topic. If you choose a topic that is too broad, you will have a hard time nailing down a thesis statement to write about. If you choose one that is too specific, you may not be able to find enough information to support it. You will write a better paper on something that you are interested in. You also need to find a topic that is relevant.


You should then write your outline. It is the backbone of your paper. It will become the blueprint that shows you what to write and what order you should discuss your supporting details. It is a great way to make sure that you don’t go on a tangent when writing your paper. You have to make sure that you stay on topic. Every sentence should be written to support your thesis statement. Try to develop a detailed outline with complete sentences. Need help with essay? Hire a professional essay writing service - they write essays from scratch.


Add transitional phrases or sentences to each of the sections in your outline. This will be how you will go from one topic to the next in your paper. You should have a transition that links every topic. When you are going from one topic to the next, you use a transitional phrase or sentence to let your reader know. It is a great way to make sure that they know what is going on and to get them to follow your train of thought.

Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is the main point that you are trying to get across to your audience. It is the main reason for writing your essay. It will state the conclusion that you are trying to express. You can state your conclusion and the reasons why you believe it.



The first paragraph in your essay will be the introduction. It should include any background information that you need your reader to know for them to understand your essay. It should include history about the topic. If there are any vocabulary words that your reader should know, it should be listed in the introduction. The last sentence in the introduction is the thesis statement. The thesis statement can be used as the transition to the second paragraph.

Body paragraphs

Each of the body paragraphs in the essay will show a reason to support the thesis statement. The idea is to use each one of the body paragraphs to tell a different reason why you support your thesis. You can choose to write more than one paragraph for each of the different supporting reasons. You should never write two reasons in the same paragraph.


Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement. It should wrap up your essay. It is the final paragraph and should bring your essay full circle. If you follow these steps, you are sure to write a perfect essay. However, you can also pay someone to write my paper cheap online and leave struggles behind. Just make sure that you proofread and edit it so that you don’t lose points or credit for stupid errors in grammar or punctuation.


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