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Being In A Family In Today's World

The world today has significantly changed. Many factors lead to the change in the world today. All these factors influence the way of doing things in the current world today. The family sector is one of the most affected by the changes occurring in the world today is the family. Many changes that are vividly visible are present in the kind of families that are been seen today. They differ in a great way from what we had some years back. The changes start with the way of doing things, the division of roles in the families and even the family set up. Some of these changes are good while others are better if they never occurred. All in all we have to embrace the changes and find a way of living with them. It is, however, very imperative to appreciate that it was easier to be in a family in the past that it is today. Especially in America, a lot of things have changed making family life a difficult thing.

Social Factors

Following the long spell before the end of the Second World War, a lot of things changed. Men were too much occupied in the war that women assumed roles that were initially left for women. Before the war, women had their place in the kitchen. They were responsible for taking care of the family. A woman was respected depending on the kind of household that she raised. They were supposed give birth and take care of the children. They initially had no right to own, buy property or even be involved in any gainful employment. Men were the breadwinners. During the war, women had to take care of the families. They started working while men were on the battlefield. Women began working in professionals that were only left out for men. They could now own property, go to school and choose and develop careers. This made the world complex. Women started being single parents. Others assumed power in the family and husbands are just ceremonial. The worst case is when the wife is financially stable than the husband.

Currents trends

Many people are today building families on a contract basis. People come and live together by following a written and signed agreement. After the end of the agreed period, they can move on in separate ways. They share the property and at times the children. This has changed the way in which families were built in the past. Divorces are also very common today.

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