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Great Tactics Of Composing A Descriptive Essay About Smoking

Descriptive essays are written so as to create a vivid picture of a place, person or thing. Writing a descriptive essay on smoking should also be able to vividly describe the impact of smoking on the body. This vivid picture is what evokes emotions in the reader. The reader can get shocked or touched by just reading your vivid description on smoking. Your essay should be able to make the reader feel an emotional connection as well as a deep appreciation for the piece. Read on tom learn how you can do this effectively.


Take time to think about what you want to describe. In this case, it is about smoking. Ask yourself why you need to write it. Also think about what qualities you want to describe.


Come up with details associated with smoking. What ideas are associated with smoking? Is it good? Is it bad? What are some of its effects on the body? How does it affect the throat, the brain and the liver for instance? Begin thinking of an outline that would put these details into a sequence.


As you create the initial draft, follow the outline. Keep in mind that the goal here is to provide a rich experience of smoking to the reader. This descriptive essay should be more about showing than telling. The best way of doing this is by involving all the senses. Make use of descriptive and figurative language. Also use concrete images to describe smoking. Metaphors and similes also work well.


In this phase, review, reorganize and modify your work. The goal here is to make your descriptive essay on smoking the best it can be. Just keep the reader in mind as you write from beginning to the end. Here are some things that you should keep in mind.

  • Does it create a connection with the reader?
  • Can the reader get a competitive picture on smoking?
  • Does the word choices covey an emotion as well as meaning?
  • Is the flow okay?


Read through your descriptive essay and correct any grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes. Also correct any typos. Make improvements on the style and clarity. Eliminate any clich├ęs. Use more adverbs and adjectives. Once you are done, you can give it to a friend to read so as to get a fresh perspective.

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