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All Knowledge Is Illusion

Do you know how your zipper works? How do tornadoes formed and why it's warmer during the cloudy nights? Maybe you are really confident about the answers, but in most cases you are just going to find the answers on the Internet. And here is the trick - even if you didn't know the correct explanation from the very beginning, after surfing the web you'll fell yourself more confident and smart - now you know all the correct answers. But do you Really know them? Or is it the illusion created by your brain, to make you fell more comfortable and safe? The recent studies (especially by the Yale University) made it perfectly clear - almost everything you "know" it's just the "Illusion of knowledge", highly affected by the way you think and the Internet.

How does our brain work?

What the world would be like if people just walk around lost and clueless, perfectly aware they know nothing? It's hard to imagine what a mess it would be. So the "illusion of knowledge" is a great trick of the nature that ensure you that you know a lot, you know everything other people are talking about, you are almost perfect. It's a defense mechanism you need even from a basic survival standpoint - you need to feel in control of the situation and your brains help you a lot. It's impossible to actually know everything, but our brains are wired to provide any answer, even incorrect one, to make you feel better about yourself. Still don't believe what we are saying?

Psychologists study the "Illusion of knowledge" for a long time already and state that ALL people are naturally inclined to have this feeling of knowing everything. It's a necessary feature that saves us from facing our incompetence. And the invention of the Internet influences it a lot, and, most of the time, not in a good way.

Surfing the web creates the Illusion of knowledge

Thanks to the way we are thinking, we always have a false security in our everyday decisions and even make them with overconfidence. We know everything, right? No reason for hesitation. And in a series of recent studies about the nature of knowledge, the Yale University made a shocking conclusion: looking things up on the Web increases our belief in knowing everything -even if you checked topics unrelated to search or haven't found any useful information at all.

Maybe you noticed not once or even twice: a lot of people have no idea what the are doing, but seem oddly overconfident about their decisions. Such confidence without any knowledge was a great problem through the history of a mankind, but the Internet has made the things much worse. As recent studies say, the illusion of knowledge appears to be "driven by the act of searching itself," not by some fact you have found. The process of searching the information triggers you brain and you start to feel yourself smarter, more confident, more safe. In this way, your overconfidence from nature is multiplied by the Internet and searching engines, and even if you know nothing, you are perfectly sure, that you know everything.

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