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Expository Essay Writing Tips: Creating A Strong Introduction

If you ever wrote before an expository essay, you know that the most important part is the beginning. Of course, the body of the composition matters a lot, but a reader will decide from the first lines if your text is worth reading or not. To make everyone interested, your introduction needs to be not only professional, but also engaging and very interesting. You can get inspired from other sources to create your introduction, or you can follow these helpful tips:

  • Don’t make it too long. The introduction is supposed to let the reader know what the essay is about, not to analyze an entire concept. This means that you should not write more than two paragraphs or ten lines. If you do, no one will be patient enough to read it, and they will not even know where the introduction ends and where the body of the text begins.
  • Don’t get lost in the details. Since you don’t have so much space to write, you need to expose the most important ideas with unnecessary details. You will have plenty of time to do this in the rest of your essay. If you have something to say in the beginning, say it in short sentences. Also, try to stay away from technical terms or unknown words that might discourage the readers. The content needs to be simple and explicit.
  • Talk about the topic. In the first lines you need to talk about the topic that you are analyzing and the reason why you chose it. You can not expect everyone to know everything about the subject, so you need to write a short background story. It depends on your subject, but most of the time you will be required to write more about the ideas that you are about to expose.
  • Make it engaging. You have to convince the reader that the rest of your essay is interesting, so you need to use special formulas for this. For example, you can mention some controversial idea that you discussed in your text, but don’t say more than this. Everyone will be curious to read about it. Also, you can say what research methods you used to get your information; was it personal experience, or you spend days in the library? Either way, your classmates will appreciate the effort and they will continue to read.

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