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Canon Vs Nikon

The world is now changed to a world of pictures. The need for quality pictures has led to development of very superior cameras in the world. The two kinds of cameras that are the most dominant and most preferred are the Canon and Nikon. People have a great problem in deciding which camera to buy between the two. The competition between the two products has been there for decades now and none seems to let go the other. There are new designs with better performance being made every now and then and the competition between the two just makes the industry more interesting. Quality is their thing and none seems to do it better than the other. So, unless you are bias you cannot decide on which is superior in quality than the other. An advice to anyone thinking of buying a camera, go for one with the best deal at the point of purchase.


Canon has its setting knobs in a place that is easy to find just next to the LCD screen. For Nikon you will have to take a few steps so as to change settings of your camera. This however is not a big issue as it largely depends on how you understand and know way about your camera. Setting knobs could be anywhere but you find it easy to make the needed changes. Canons are parked with lenses that are suit for any budget. This makes them less superior to the lenses in the Nikon camera. The lenses in the Nikon camera are of high standard and are made from a glass with extra low dispersion that reduces the chromatic aberration. Those who have met photographers with Nikon cameras know how happy these photographers are with the Nikon lenses.


In the industry now that digital photography is even more common today, you will get all kinds of reviews about each of these two cameras. The rivalry has grown even to the users and everyone wants what they use to be the superior stuff. If you want to know the truth then you just have to follow their rivalry without bias. It at times gets ugly but is an interesting debate to follow. You will get to learn all the differences of the two and you can decide yourself which is superior. The fans of the two cameras are all loyal to their brands.

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