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The Nuances Of Multinational Marketing

A business has only two functions; to market and to innovate. In this era of a flat world where jet travel has reduced distances, Nano-technology has made it possible to communicate across continents at the speed of light and scientific progress has enabled factories to be larger than towns, the goal which economists term as the economies of scales can only be achieved if the product’s sales transactions amount to at least millions or even billions.

A customer demands a product if and when he is convinced that the product is worth its penny and if it is better than its substitutes in the market. Sometimes the products are perfect substitutes of each other in terms of services such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple but one product weaves for itself a higher social symbolism in the minds of populations, because, the marketing department of such a product employs selling tactics which would steer target populations towards rating them positively.

Mega factories such as Boeing, Air bus and Rolls Royce who command a virtual monopoly over air travel, market their products to sovereign states and larger multinational corporations to compete against the Russian aeronautical division. Household names such as Nestle, McDonalds, Nike, Lipton and Dell are not necessarily produced within the same time zones in which they are consumed. Similarly financial institutions compete for funds from across the globe by guaranteeing better services, a larger profit and insurance premiums. Businesses usually employ marketing officers all over the globe maintaining, on whom the business spends a fortune and in return expects them to mold the product specifics into the local folk lore.

Multinational corporations have been running their regional and peripheral marketing divisions since decades but the multinational marketing has witnessed a revolution in the 21st century as cottage industries of third world countries are now marketing their products to the world web users for free. These products are not only competing on quality but also on price. Women of the northern areas of Pakistan weave carpets by hand and sell them in their local markets for 15-25000 rupees. However machine made carpets of identical floral patterns sell for 150-250,000 Pakistani rupees in downtown London. In Pakistan, we grow one of the best quality cotton, but none of our cotton apparel l sells at the price at which substandard cotton clothes are being sold in posh malls of Dubai. Pakistani industry suffers from a reputation that is less than its worth because up till now we had no way that was independent of employing huge workforce and maintaining an international presence.

However, International marketing is now as easy as uploading a picture on Facebook. The technological leap in this domain has already rendered the planning and execution facets of the marketing departments useless as they are either outsourcing their work to graphic designers or are playing the role of moral souls by advertising to the world audience that they give a share of their profits to charity.

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