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Death Of A Salesman

This is an American play written by Arthur Miller in 1949. The salesman of the play is Willy Loman, a man in his early sixties, almost at his retirement age. Regardless of his length service, travelling from his New York base all through New England while in duty, he has never enjoyed any significant achievement in his job. He is in financial challenges, struggling even to pay the mortgage.

The play story is miserable as it challenges the audience to have a review of their personal wellbeing. The main character, Willy has lived best part of his life employed as a sales representative. Willy has had illusion that he together with his family was destined for triumph and if not for exploration. Linda, his loyal wife knows the reality, but participates blindly in the hallucination of her husband.

The Dead of Sales Man Dream

The dreams of Willy are crushed prematurely when his employer cuts short his life-time career. In order to make ends meet, Willy is forced to live on help from his long-time pal, Charley. His elder son, Biff looked brilliant both the in academic and sporting at tender age, but failed to secure a place in university after failing to perform in mathematics exam, and since then has remained an itinerant drifter, shifting between dead-end careers. Happy, Biff’s young brother better placed in life than Biff, but his personal life is a selfish, cynical womanizer. Much depresses Willy now opts to kill himself. It is at this point when they play reveals the reason behind the failure of Biff. Mr. Willy is portrayed as the man to blame for Biff’s failure.

The story also ironically compares the Charley and Willy skills of bring up children. Unlike Charley who takes very little attention on his lone son, Bernard, Willy puts all his attention on his sons. Nevertheless, none helps him. Bernard eventually graduates to a lawyer.

Achievements of the Play

This film is not one of the clips one would like to watch. From the heading, one can get a hint of what will eventually happen, which develops a sad feeling to the viewers. The .play has portrayed Willy as the most desperate old man, which is a great lesson to everyone. Though Arthur Miller has written great plays before, this play has remained as a film of all seasons. The play performed absolutely well in Golden Globes competition (television video category). Reid and Malkovich both secured a place in supporting character category while Hoffman won the best character award.

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