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A Wall Of Fire Rising

A wall of rising fire has been written by Edwidge Danticat. Edwidge Danticat was born in 1969 in Haiti. A heart touching sad story has been told by the Author in “A wall of rising fire”. The story of a poor Haitian family has been narrated by the author. The family is unable to find sufficient food to eat and the job, which the boy has is not adequate enough to support the family. The family is going through a struggle in order to choose the right path for the family and to live a life, which makes them happy and complete. The author narrates that emotions and feelings pile up inside a person till a point that they can no longer sustain and break. The way the guy is spending his life is not enough for him or his family. The guy wants to provide his family and son with more but he is unable to do it. The ‘rising fire’ over here indicates the verge of emotions and the building up of frustration in a person. The guy does not want to be like his father but he does not see any other option with him. The guy wants the best for his son but he is unable to do it due their lack of appropriate living conditions. Due to the surroundings of the guy, he feels hopeless and helpless. Out of misery, one day the guy decides to steal a hot air balloon. He does this in order to live one happy day. Due to the misery, poverty and tiresome life, the guy took his last breath and jumped off the hot air balloon and committed suicide. The lines are recited by the boy for one last time for his father in grief. The mother does not closes the eyes of her husband as he ‘likes to look at the sky’. The author makes the reader believe that the guy wants to fly up and reach the skies but the guy could not let go of the life he had. The guy had to go back to his tiresome and poor life thus he decides to have a happiness and he choses not to go back, thus he decides to kill himself. In order to save his own family he thought of taking his own life.

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