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Fighting Poverty


Poverty is defined as the general scarcity of any material possession or money. It is a multidimensional concept and encompasses the social, political, and economic status of an individual. The concept of poverty is dynamic and it may differ in each society. For example, in India, a person is considered as poor if he earns below 47 INR in an urban city, whereas not having a mobile phone is a sign of poverty in U.K. Poverty in the society arises from the difference in the income and opportunity. Just and equitable policies can be helpful in uplifting the standards of the poor in the society.

Measures to fight Poverty

Almost half the world that is over three billion people lives on a marginal income of less than $2.50 per day. The marginal income makes survival impossible; it is insufficient to cover for the basic necessity of food, clothing, and shelter. One of the measures that can be adapted to encounter poverty is food security. Inadequate food forces people to desperate measures, if the government can design policies to provide food in minimum prices to the poor, it can give them an opportunity to use their income to provide for the other basic necessity.

Another measure to fight poverty is by generating more employment. The people beyond the poverty line are uneducated and make up for the unskilled labor population of the country. Both public and private investments can be helpful in generating more employment for the population of the unskilled labor. Another policy that can be adopted is to provide a minimal training to teach some skills to the labor and make them employable.

Poverty makes people suffer psychologically. The difference in the opportunities and income that they witness around themselves makes a psychological impact on the poor. The government should focus on their health and wellbeing. Providing for the health and medical facility at the minimal cost to the poor section of the society helps in fighting poverty.


Fighting poverty is difficult as the poor cause poverty. They do not adapt to the opportunity that comes to them and often prefer not to work. They rather follow the antisocial ways of raising money than being employed. The thought process of the poor makes it difficult for the policies to help them out of their situation.

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