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How To Find A Quality Compare And Contrast Five-Paragraph Essay Example?

The essay that consists of five paragraphs is a standard way to teach students on the standard format. It is a format that can be followed by everyone, even the youngest. Of course, that there are other ways of presenting your arguments, comments and contrasts, but it is a good way to introduce students with writing. Students learn the arrangement of a paper, presenting their arguments, evidence according to a logical manner. The five-paragraph example is definitely the best way to provide a good base for students’ academic writing.

As the same format says, there are five paragraphs in the it: introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. Even though it sounds a little boring to write in the same style all the time, but until you learn to adapt it to your personal style you must follow the format.

How to write five-paragraph essay

After you get familiar with it, you have to try and write one.

  • First, you have to brainstorm for ideas on the given topic. This helps you to get to the idea of the field you should write about.
  • Second, you have to do a research on these ideas and see what is the most interesting and what idea can be elaborated. Try to take notes all the time.
  • Third, write your thesis statement. Remember that this must be strong argument you will defend throughout the text.
  • Fourth, make an outline. Arrange your ideas in a sequence in order to answer the requirements of the topic.
  • Next, start with your writing. Introduction is first, with the thesis statements at the end.
  • The body paragraphs follow next. Place your arguments in the following order: strongest I, strongest III and strongest II.
  • Write the conclusion by supporting the thesis again and building a discussion.
  • Make a revision of your work to check grammar and spelling.

Find five-paragraph examples

  1. The easiest way to ask nowadays is to search it on google. In order to find reliable source, ask a student that took the course previously for checked sites.
  2. Read your classmates’ works, especially if they are checked by a professor.
  3. Companies that write thesis have to show their best quality works for free. Therefore, look for some examples on their pages.
  4. Your library is also a good source of reliable examples of essays. You might even find checked essays from other students.
  5. The last, if you don’t find enough examples with the previous methods, then ask your teacher.

If you want to recognize a good sample by your own, you have to know what you look for.

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