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10 Simple Ways To Make Your Essay Better

A good essay is determined by your approach from the prewriting stage to the writing and post writing activities. Experts have been studying different papers and the writing process to establish an easy way of making them better. Here are the tips they have given to make your paper better.

  1. Understand the instructions- it is the instructions that differentiate one paper from another. They define whether it will be expository, comparative, analytical, etc. Read through the instructions and follow them to the letter.
  2. Choose a good topic- A good topic is defined as relevant, unique and original. It should capture your intentions for writing the paper. Choose a topic that is captivating and interesting to read.
  3. Plan- planning involves creating an outline for your work. Organize the ideas to give an indication of how they flow from the first to the last. Allocate time to complete the work without rushing. Plan for your sources of materials and research hours as well.
  4. Use templates and samples- templates and samples give you an idea of how your work will appear once complete. They also help you in formulating important aspects like thesis statement and introductory paragraphs. This will reduce the time taken to complete the work.
  5. Consult your teacher- do not waste time working on an assignment you do not understand. Request for assistance from your teacher, colleagues, online or even your siblings. It will make the work easier for you.
  6. Research thoroughly- a well research paper is interesting to read and factual. The arguments are strong and resounding. It will definitely attract the best mark.
  7. Right structure- each paper takes a different structure depending on the instructions and discipline. A compare and contrast paper will be structured differently from a definition paper. Seek to get the structure right at all times.
  8. Do not rush- rushing through your essay denies you the opportunity to pay attention to details. Set enough time to research, compile and edit your work. It should be completed long before the deadline.
  9. Be relevant- though your target is academic, ensure that your topic and materials are relevant. Avoid topics that have been studied numerous times. Ensure that your work provides a solution to a prevailing problem.
  10. Edit and proofread- typographical and grammatical errors will lower the quality of your work. Poor language will also distort your arguments. Take time to edit the essay before handing it over. Where possible, involve a third party.

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