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Social Inequalities

As the title suggests, social inequality is when a group of people coexist within a community or in a society, they are socially not seen as equal to one another. This term is proven true in terms of the number of opportunities provided to these people and how they are rewarded in terms of their social standing and the status with which they exist within a group of people or community.

There are many ways in which men, women and even kids suffer social inequality for various reasons. Long before the civil war, these reasons were well-rooted in racism and other similar matters, but with the 21st century, the age old reasons have changed form. Where people were first not treated the same because of the color of their skin, thy later became less of people living within a society because of their religion too. Religion was later replaced with education, their income and also the area they resided in. These are all categories that further either gain or reduce in intensity based on gender, age and also class.


In various countries of the world exist groups of people who are considered a minority. When one is a minority they are either treated with disregard or not provided with several rights that might otherwise be a norm for the masses. At the same time though there are countries that prefer minorities over the masses. Neither the former nor the latter is the right way to treat individuals.

In order to coexist peacefully it is important to stress on and vigilantly impart a sense of acceptance amongst people from a very young age. If this is not done properly and with validation, chances of the feelings of remorse growing over time might eventually damage the overall economy of a country. There are many places that do not provide women equal number of opportunities solely because they do not consider them to possess the endurance that men do. Similarly, other countries limit job opportunities for minorities even though they have lived and been raised there.

Hence, it is important to understand what social inequalities are not only so they can be identified but also pro-actively removed from every society.

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