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Writing An Analytical Essay About Lord Of The Flies: 7 Great Suggestions

Lord of the flies is one of the top 100 most relevant novels in English from the past century. Even though it was not a best-seller by the time it was released, this novel was much appreciated later. In this article, we give some advice that you may find useful to ease the creation of your analytical essay.

  1. Explain the conflicts that take place throughout the novel. This novel is about how a group of boys manage to survive in an island. There is a permanent conflictive environment in the story. You should focus in pointing out what events show the different type of conflicts: man versus man, man versus himself and man versus nature.
  2. Analyze how Ralph and Jack struggle. The main characters are responsible of canalizing the conflicts in the novel. Ralph, who was the leader of the civilized group, and Jack, who was the leader of the savage group, set the scene for the climax.
  3. Analyze the key moments. There are 3 important events which allow the climax in the story:
    • a. the fire signal that is set
    • b. Jack leaving the civilized group to create his own
    • c. the savages steal Piggy’s glasses
  4. The conflicts of priorities. Ralph wanted to set a fire signal permanently in order to get help but Jack was only interested in hunting. Both of them disagree and create the rising tension which allows the story to develop and grow up. As mentioned above, the tension reaches a maximum in the key moments where the groups fight.
  5. The power of self-control. Ralph shows how to suppress the anger when facing Jack. The author states that even though everyone can feel anger, only a few people are able of suppressing the feeling in order to act rationally.
  6. Cause and effect. Another important point you should analyze is how the key moments are connected in the story. For instance, the first time Ralph and Jack argue leads directly to the division of the group into civilized and savage. Later, as savage were isolated from the other group; the need of fire forces the third important event.
  7. The moral of the story. The author shows us that civilized behaviour and savagery live within every person but they can be controlled at will. It is no easy task to accomplish, though.

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