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A Detailed Manual On How To Compose An Exemplification Illustration Essay

The exemplification/illustration task is one where you incorporate specific facts or information to illustrate some broader idea.

The introduction should serve to narrow down your topic from general to specific, while introducing the thesis. The body paragraphs should include all relevant examples in a logical order. All paragraphs should contain transition words or phrase to help the reader move seamlessly from one idea to the next. The conclusion should summarize the main idea presented in each body paragraph, repeat the thesis that was introduced in the introduction, and to draw a conclusion for the reader.

When you are tasked with writing an exemplification illustration essay you should follow the steps below:

  1. Select your topic carefully. You want to find a topic which is specific and has relevant examples which you can use to better develop a thesis statement. This statement should inform your reader what the purpose/topic of your essay is.
  2. You want to carefully select different examples to use. You need to consider your thesis as you look for examples. These can be observations, readings, or personal experience. You want to then refine the examples you have to the strongest ones and use an outline to organize them.
  3. Try to use transitions to move from one of your points to the next. Be sure to organize the examples you have in a logical order. There is no right or wrong logical order, so long as it is logical. For some students this means ordering the ideas from strongest to weakest but for others it means the opposite. You might also consider ordering things from specific to general, or from general to specific. The choice is yours.
  4. You need to make sure you have adequate enough details to afford your readers clarity. You should only include relevant facts which help to make your final arguments convincing.
  5. After this is done, sum up the thesis in your concluding paragraph and remind the reader why the illustration you made was sound, and what evidence you used.

Be sure to follow any directions explicitly and if you are unsure of what is required of you, ask your teacher who assigned the task. Also make sure you attach an outline if one is required and that you know which format and reference structure you are asked to use.

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