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Single Mom By Choice

The single mom by choice is a situation where a female parent deliberately opts to be a single parent. Although there many reasons that lenders a woman single parent such as death of a partner, family dispute, early pregnancy, partner abandoning his responsibilities and personal circumstances, the final decision of being single settles on the woman.

The woman is left to cater to her kids all by own and takes both the father’s and mother’s role in that family. In most cases, the woman who is single moms by choice are successful professionally or businesswise and thus have all the necessary resources to see their children through better education and manage other responsibilities. Both single moms and the children of single moms are stereotyped in the society and this poses a significant challenge for the two parties.

Ways to deal with stress of being single mom by choice

Single parenthood can bring added stress and pressure to the work of raising children. With no one to share decision-making or day-to-day responsibilities, single moms must offer greater support to their kids though they may feel lonely. There are various ways for single moms to reduce stress in their family. They include:

  • Firstly, single mom should get a handle on finances. You should develop ways of managing your money. You should have the track of the arrival of your paycheque or other income to keep efficient track of household bills. You have to do all that is necessary under your power to improve your finances. If you require a job, contact temporary and employment agencies for help.
  • Secondly, talk often and early. You inform the children about the changes in the family. You should have a quite sitting with your kids to allow them share their feelings.
  • Thirdly, find support and make use of it. You should avoid handling everything all by yourself. You will require the support that friends and family can offer. Get to know other single moms through support groups. Another source of great help and information is your paediatrician.
  • Lastly, take time for yourself. You should find time to spend away from your children and family as it is crucial. Get a babysitter and enjoy some time out with friends or alone and do things you like.

Challenges of single mom by choice

Single moms are faced with a lot challenges that include; assuming additional responsibilities and roles, providing continuity and avoiding disruption of the family and children, coping and dealing with own emotions, battling societal stigma and prejudice of single-parent homes and maintaining self-confidence in the judging and eyes of others (stereotyping).

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