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Sleep Disorders

There are a number of curious sleep disorders that plague people of all ages. Many of them still baffle doctors and despite countless experiments, relatively little is known about the majority of these sleep disorders. This essay will explore three sleep disorders that are well known and fairly common. The first is sleepwalking; a condition where someone does things in their sleep only to forget them when they wake up. The second is insomnia; a sleep disorder that plagues millions of people. The third is narcolepsy; a condition that makes one fall asleep randomly for no reason.


People who sleepwalk do everyday activities in their sleep without even being awake. They can open their eyes, go to the fridge, eat food and go back to bed without even knowing or remembering what they have done. While this is not very common in its extreme sense, there are many people who talk in their sleep—which is similar. Men and women can say full sentences in their sleep without even realizing it.


Insomnia is a horrible sleep disorder and many people suffer from it. No matter how tired an insomniac is, there are times when he or she simply cannot fall asleep. Their bodies and minds may be utterly exhausted, but deep sleep escapes them. So they lie on their beds in absolute frustration because they cannot fall asleep. Insomnia is the reason for so many types of sleep medication on the market today. However, these only treat the symptoms, not the cause; which is still quite misunderstood.


Folks who have narcolepsy will fall asleep for no apparent reason in the middle of their day. They could be at a business meeting, a sports game, or even eating lunch; and suddenly they will fall into a deep sleep from which they simply cannot awake for sometimes hours. This is a relatively rare sleep disorder, but one that still plagues some people. These people often need to be close to someone else who understands their condition and can help them if and when it occurs.

These sleep disorders have certain of their aspects in common, which may lead experts to think that their causes are related. However, very little is known about sleep disorders or how to cure them. Sleep therapy and sleep experiments are often conducted to learn about and treat these disorders. So far, the root causes remain hidden from us.

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