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Searching For A Good Outline Template For A 3-Paragraph Essay

Whether you are a high school student or a college student, you need to consider many important elements while writing. Plan a good strategy and craft your 3 paragraph essay in such a way that it looks organized, assimilates all the important content and leaves a heavy impact on its readers.

What to consider?

Introduction and thesis:

Since 3 paragraph essay needs to abide by space and word constraints, you should present your view point straight away. Undoubtedly, your introduction should be influential and should direct the readers to the topic too. When you are allotted the topic-“Your visit to the national park”, you can begin the topic by saying- “Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular national parks visited by countless people for breathtaking sites”. Thereby you should illustrate countless reasons in terms of history, its huge size and specific location that make it popular. Your sentences should be simple and clear. The flow should be spontaneous and it should not look that you have employed heavy efforts in your writing. Here, you should depict additional information that broadens your claims in body part making a transformation from introduction to the next level.

Body Paragraph: There is no major difference between a 5 paragraph and a 3 paragraph essay. The basic content and the style of writing will remain the same with only difference that the body paragraph of 5 paragraph essay constitutes of 3 paragraphs whereas in a 3 paragraph essay the body paragraph is limited to only one paragraph. One paragraph means that you need to straight away start with your first primary point supporting it with one or two supporting evidences. When you say – Yellowstone National Park has a popular history; you should offer two supporting evidences. Link all the popular stories one of them which is exploration by Theodore Roosevelt. Offer similar supporting sentences and based on your requirements, offer best possible reasons to make it vivacious and interesting.

Conclusion: This is the stage where you need to sum up all your arguments and reveal the shorter form of your article without missing the important points. Begin with a simple and interesting phrase or quotation and make your reader understand that you are concluding or summarizing your paper. Do not use same words but play with the magical wand of words and end your essay like- “ The history of Yellowstone’s National Park’s sings for its magnificent glory not only in terms of size and locale but in many other perspective too that visitor’s will come to know after paying there a visit only.”

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