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Composing The Best Problem Solution Essay In 4 Steps

There are dozens of different kinds of essays that you’ll have to learn to write in school. Each has a slightly different purpose and a slightly different approach. One kind is a problem solution essay, where you identify a problem and offer a solution to it.

Follow these four easy steps to compose the best problem solution paper:

  1. Identify a problem
  2. It should be no surprise that the first step to writing a problem solution paper is to come up with a problem to work with. This can literally be anything: it could be a global problem or a personal problem. There are, however, a few things that you should keep in mind when coming up with a good problem to use for your paper. First, make sure that it is a problem that has a solution, or even better, several possible solutions or approaches to solutions. Its always a good idea to chose a topic that interests you, as it will make the whole process of writing the paper more enjoyable and interesting.

  3. Identify a solution
  4. Once you have your problem, identify a solution for it that you want to argue for in your paper. It may be that there are several different possible solutions to your problem that you can think of. If this is the case then pick the one that has the most logical solution, or the solution that you can craft the best argument for. Depending on the subject that you are writing about, it may be appropriate for you to use data to back up your solution: if this is the case then make sure you can find data to use.

  5. Show why your solution is the best one
  6. In a problem solution paper it is important to show why your solution is the best one for the problem, otherwise your reader may walk away thinking to themselves, “well that is one solution, but what about these other solutions”. So you should be sure to explain why your solution is the best one. Think of this section of your paper as crafting an argument.

  7. Offer a rebuttal to other solutions
  8. Once you have shown why your solution is a good one, offer a rebuttal for other solution. In a rebuttal you will offer a counter argument to other possible solutions. This will leave your solution as the most viable one in the mind of your reader.

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