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How To Write A Good Literary Essay: Recommendations For College Students

A literary essay focuses on writing about a theme that is found in a literary piece. It could be a book you had to read. This paper focuses on the analysis of the piece of literature. You would want to make sure that you choose a piece that you have read completely and even one that you enjoyed reading because you will likely have to read various parts of it again. There are some recommendations that will allow you to write a good paper. They will allow you to focus on what is important in this type of essay. It looks to find the deeper meaning or the big idea that the author is trying to portray. There is a reason why they chose to make the decisions and present things the way they did. Your goal is to decipher what the author is trying to get across to you without the author just coming out and saying it.

  1. Choose a piece to write about
  2. The first decision that you will have to make is deciding what topic you will choose to write about. You can choose any literary piece that you want but try to choose one that you had to read in class if this is for an English class. Choose one that you find interesting and one that you have read thoroughly.

  3. Read through it to begin your analysis
  4. You should read your piece again. It is a great way to make sure that you are able to start to point out the various topics that you can discuss in your analysis. You should take notes about the different things that you would like to discuss in your paper.

  5. Develop a list of questions
  6. You will want to develop a list of questions that you will find the answers to so that you can develop your paper. It is the best way to understand the piece.

  7. Collect evidence
  8. Next you should collect some evidence that you can discuss in your paper. You will want to make sure that you get some direct quotes to back up the claims that you have made.

When you are creating an analysis, you will want it to discuss more than just the content. You will be looking at how the author presents the material as well.

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