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Cyber Security

Cyber security is a body of information technologies, practices and processes that are designed to protect computer systems, networks, data and programs from damage, attack and any unauthorized access. To ensure cyber security needs coordinated efforts and commitment throughout the computer information system. Cyber security has various elements that include application security, network security, information security, end-user education and disaster recovery. A primary concern for cyber security is the quick and constant nature in which cyber security is evolving. The traditional approach to cyber security has been focusing resources on the most important system components and protecting it against a well-documented significant threat. This leaves the less crucial components of the system to be unprotected and not being able to protect the less dangerous risks. Those forms of protection are a long gone and are obsolete in the current cyber environment. The field has been on the rise due to the increased reliance on computer systems in today society. Cyber security includes all the processes and methods by which computer systems equipment, information, and services are shielded from unauthorized or unintended access, destruction or any change and the process of enhancing security measures to enable data confidentiality, availability and integrity in both transit and rest.

Systems at risk of cyber attacks

Financial systems have been a subject of numerous cyber-attacks by hackers due to the potential financial gains involved in transferring money, purchasing goods without any trace and also selling hacking information on black markets. Components that are controlled by computers, for example, power grids, gas networks, telecommunication components and industrial equipment are also at a risk of attack by hackers as witnessed by “Stuxnet” worm. The aviation industry has been over-reliant on computer systems that make the industry at risk. A simple mistake like a power outage in one airport can cause attention across the world.

Impact of cyber security breaches

A cyber security breach has caused serious financial damages that even the organizations involved cannot account for specifically bot only gives an estimate value to the public. Most cyber security firms have attributed the losses to attacks by worms and virus and also to the general hostile acts. Security breaches have help organizations to come up with rational investment decisions that have assisted them to remain stable despite the attacks. Attackers’ motives have been known after such breaches which made securing the system to be much more effective and cheaper. It makes technologists to seal even the slightest loophole that can lead to a security breach.

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