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The Best 14 Science Fiction Essay Topics For High School Students

Science fiction has a large following among both teenagers and adults throughout the world. Even the movies and television series created around this theme holds a large percentage of the preferred media content made by first, second and third world countries. Listed below are some title examples for this genre of literary work.

  1. Journey through a wormhole.
  2. In this story one can define the prerequisites necessary for a spaceship to be piloted through this spacial phenomena. Express the emotions of the crew when they managed to always survive after every calamity. Here you can explain your view or version of this undertaking.

  3. Ant wars.
  4. Among warring colonies of ants, describe the epic conquests and defeats.

  5. Pandemic.
  6. When a small piece of a meteor fell to earth, an alien virus started infecting humans. Write how the governments would respond to this. Will humans find a cure or become extinct.

  7. Galactic invasion.
  8. Humans have grown into hostile interstellar inhabitants and they attacked an adjacent solar system subduing its native lifeforms. Expand on the hostility.

  9. The first of the changed.
  10. This story could be about one or a small group of humans who were discovered to have different genetic information from all other people. Show the trials and despair they endured through the treatment from their predecessors.

  11. Of tectonic proportions.
  12. With a super volcano and a category 10.2 marine earthquake happening at opposite sides of the earth, write about the proceedings people and governments would take to ensure the survival of all races and their cultures.

  13. Mind swap.
  14. An accomplished and trusted pharmaceutical company designed a product that, when taken as directed, slowly implants memories into people. Criminals who can pay the price for a scapegoat select these persons for the treatment.

  15. Invisible men.
  16. Crazy scientific minds consorted to pool their talents in order to make a device that renders the wielder invisible. Highlight their ventures.

  17. The ink.
  18. A giant squid attacked a fourteenth century fishing boat after being injured by a harpoon. When the ship was destroyed, depict how the crew escaped the animal through the black dye it released.

  19. A journey at the speed of light.
  20. Explain how scientists achieved this speed in a vessel and the experiments they can do in this new environment.

  21. Listen.
  22. Write about a man who suddenly got the ability to communicate with all forms of life on the planet.

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