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Tips For Creating An Essay On Better Safe Than Sorry

Sometimes you will be asked to write a paper on an old adage or idea, like ‘better safe than sorry’. This kind of essay can be exciting to write, because it gives you so many different options for directions to go in. It can also be a really fun paper to read because it allows the reader to gain a new perspective on an idea that they’ve probably said or heard hundreds of times.

To be successful in writing this kind of paper, and to make yours stand out, there are a few easy tips you can follow:

Don’t fall into clichés

The saying ‘better safe than sorry’ is already a cliché on its own, so you should make sure that your paper doesn’t become one as well. A cliché is a trite or stereotyped expression—it is something people hear over and over again that is meant to carry a lot of weight, but typically doesn’t because it is so overused. While you can’t help that you’ve been assigned a cliché as a topic, you can do your best to make the rest of your paper interesting and creative.

Be innovative and creative

Think about who you usually hear saying something like ‘better safe than sorry’ or what the context it is usually said in is. Then go as far away from these people and settings in your paper. Try to come up with a creative context or setting to talk about this subject with, and try to come up with a creative way of talking about it. Don’t just fall into an anecdote about how this one time your parent or teacher or grandparent told to its better to be safe than sorry, and how they were right in the end.

Show don’t tell

Another simple tactic that will make your paper much more interesting to read is to try to show your reader what you are trying to say, rather than just come out and tell them. This can be done using imagery or narrative.

Play around with the format or style

Unless your teacher has assigned you a specific kind of paper, like an analytical paper, a research paper, or a expository paper, you probably have some freedom in terms of the format and style that you use. Try to play around with them to come up with something unexpected.

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