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Creating Math Essay Topic Ideas: Best Tips & Winning Examples

In some math classes, the teacher will assign an essay project on any math-related topic. Initially, this assignment may seem daunting to students. Although most students are accustomed to doing math homework, they may be unfamiliar with actually writing about it. It may seem impossible at first, but writing about mathematics is a completely doable endeavor.

Why Should Students Write About Math?

The obvious answer is that the teacher assigned the project. Other than the obvious, there are many reasons to write about math. By writing about the subject, students learn new critical thinking skills. It gets the student directly involved in learning and allows them to incorporate their own experiences. In addition, writing about math can help to solidify new information in the student's mind. It increases their understanding of the subject and allows the student to take ownership of the concepts that they have learned.

Engaging in Math

When writing about mathematics, students can do a variety of different things. They may want to read and analyze the ideas of major mathematicians. The student may adapt specific math concepts to help them solve real world problems. Likewise, writing will help the student learn how to communicate mathematical ideas to the people around them.

Topic Ideas

To get started, students need to find a topic for their paper. One of the easiest topic ideas is to write about a specific mathematician or historical moment in math. Students could write about how calculus was discovered or the reason why algebra was created. They could write about how someone can make a proof or perform a specific type of problem. In addition, a paper could cover some of the actual applications of geometry in the real world.

Remember to Edit

Although it is not an English class paper, a math essay still needs to be thoroughly edited. After researching and writing about a topic, students need to leave enough time to adequately proofread and edit their writing. They should start by reading the document aloud. By doing this, the student is able to catch errors that they would skip over if they were just reading silently. For extra editing help, students can reach out to a classmate, tutor or teacher. The teacher normally has a set period available during the day that can be used for extra help. In addition, some teachers are willing to arrange an after school meeting for students who want help with editing.

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