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Effective Guidelines For Developing Your Essay Writing Skills

If you are not so good at writing essays, it could be a long couple of years once you hit high school and an even longer couple years in college. The essay is one of the most used evaluation tools because it makes the author think about the subject that they are writing about and it shows how well they understand in.

When you are able to master the essay, you are in really good shape because you will be able to get this seemingly lengthy assignment out of the way quickly. Some writers can whip together a ten page paper in a few hours. This same task could take you a few weeks. After you master the skill though, you will get closer to that few hour mark.

Use the three P’s to get it done: Pick, Plan, and Present

Pick a topic

Pick a topic that you are interested in writing about. When you have an interest in the topic, it is a lot easier to come up with things to talk about. That makes the writing part easier. When you are able to write about something that doesn’t bore you, the ideas will flow easier and you can just write.

Plan your paper

Make a plan first. An outline is a great way to get your ideas in one place. It makes it easier to come up with a logical flow for your information and it gives you an idea of what each paragraph will need to contain to get all of your ideas out on the page.

Present the idea

The idea of writing an essay is to present an idea to your audience. Remember that you need to give your audience some background information first. That way if they are unfamiliar with the topic, they can learn about it in the introduction. Make a clear point and then work on proving it. The body of your paper will be where you prove your main idea. Break each new piece of evidence into its own paragraph. That way your audience has a better chance of understanding that you are making several points to prove it. Finally, wrap it all up with your conclusion which will state all of your main points.

This process is the same no matter how short or long your paper has to be. Once you get this process down, it can be utilized whenever you write an essay.

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