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9th Grade Literary Essay Prompts: 20 Fresh Ideas

What is a literary essay?

A literary essay describes and discusses the main ideas or themes in a work of literature, usually a book. Think about a book you have read. Now think about the main characters and their story. What is the story about? Is the story in the book about teaching you, the reader, a lesson? What is the writer trying to tell you by telling this story? Do the characters learn something as they go along? What examples are there in this book which help the characters and you learn a lesson? Use these ideas to write your essay.

What do I write about?

But before you start writing, you have to choose a topic. And here are 20 great literary essay prompts to get you interested.

  1. What is the most interesting main theme of the Harry Potter books?
  2. Does the main theme remain the same in all the 7 Harry Potter books or does it change from book to book?
  3. What aim is Frodo Baggins trying to achieve by travelling to Mordor with the Ring?
  4. What lesson is the author trying to teach us by describing various characters’ obsession with the Ring in the Lord of the Rings books?
  5. What kind of relationship do the three main characters in the Harry Potter books have and what does that teach us?
  6. What is the main theme of the book, “Of Mice and Men”?
  7. What does the struggle for freedom by Katniss Everdeen in the “Hunger Games” books mean?
  8. What is the most inspiring character of the Hunger Games novels and why?
  9. Do you feel sympathy for the young competitors in the Hunger Games and why?
  10. What is the main theme driving George Orwell’s, “Animal Farm”?
  11. What lessons have you learned from reading “Romeo and Juliet”?
  12. Describe the important reasons why the books about Sherlock Holmes became so successful.
  13. Why is “The Catcher in the Rye” one of the most important books for a young person to read?
  14. What lessons about good and evil have you learned from the “Twilight” novels?
  15. What have you learned about love in a relationship from the “Twilight” novels?
  16. How have the themes of friendship and love been tackled in the novel “The Fault in Our Stars”?
  17. What does the novel “1984”, by George Orwell, tell us about the need for freedom?
  18. What are the main themes of the book, “Great Expectations”?
  19. What lessons have you learned from reading the “Percy Jackson” books?
  20. What have you learned about heroism by reading the “Divergent” novels?

Don't forget to proofread your essay after finishing it. You can do it yourself, ask classmates or friends or hire an experienced professional to correct my essay online. However, the last idea is usually the best because you will definitely avoid grammar and spelling mistakes in your written work.

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