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Should We Legalize Marijuana?

Though there are many doctors all over the world who medically prescribe Marijuana to individuals who suffer from chronic pain, it is still an illegal drug. People who have had the experience of trying and testing this drug have argued if it should be made legal or not. Following is a brief discussion of some benefits the drug offers and if these reasons are strong enough for the drug to be legalized.

It Is Not As Harmful As Some Other Drugs

Over centuries, several states and governments have continually argued why Marijuana should be banned. They have spoken about its effect on health and other related problems. Recently, several studies have showed that Marijuana is the least harmful of all drugs. This is because it is a herbal one. Marijuana, weed or pot is a drug with a relatively harmless make. This is a drug that has gained popularity for the enjoyable sensations it instills in the person smoking it. if compared with other drugs such as a cigarette and also the popularly legal alcohol, this drug is a safe one.

The reason why alcohol is more harmful than marijuana is because it leads to several other incidents directly related to it. These incidents include drunk driving and the worse forms of violent behavior. More than that, alcohol directly impacts the liver, weakening it and eventually leading to several other more harmful and in most cases fatal diseases.

Tobacco has a somewhat similar impact. It seeps into the lungs affecting them adversely and being the leading cause of diseases like lung cancer. The lungs are not the only thing tobacco has an impact on the heart. It constricts the heart vessels increasing chances of cardiac arrest and heart problems.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

More than that, as mentioned above, Marijuana has several health benefits too. These include:

  1. It has been reported and observed that cancer patients have often been advised to use marijuana to cope with the unbearable pain that the diseases cause. Cancer is not the only diseases that have doctors prescribing their patients this drug under medical labelling. Aids, glaucoma and other kinds of sclerosis are treated or coped with by the use of marijuana.
  2. Since marijuana can be called a pleasure drug, it is very important when it comes to coming with chronic pain. This is the pain that is caused by the horror known as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has various painful and unmanageable side effects that medical marijuana can help the patients with.

Considering all the above, various experts and doctors have argued that since a moderate use of marijuana has no adverse effects on a person’s health, it should not be made completely illegal.

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