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Cons Of Urbanization

There are several pros and cons of urbanization. These are the main reasons why the process is being undertaken just as well there are steps being taken to ensure land and environmental security.

Adversarial effects of Urbanization

There are many reasons why for domestic and industrial reasons families and business men prefer that the area where they establish themselves in certain areas and not others. Where these areas are significantly important to a certain category of people, they bring about adverse effects to the land the overall climatic conditions of the area. Not only is it leading to a constant growth of the slums it is also effecting the rate at which the climate changes, the way land is being used and approached and the overall living and environmental conditions of the area. If you are wondering if it is better to urbanize a readily available area, it is best to consider both sides of the process before a decision can be made. Following are some of the possible problems that urbanization can lead to:

  1. Land insecurity – when a slum is urbanized, there are a lot of people who are left homeless. This is because this land is owned by people without any legal jurisdiction which is why they can be evicted at any time. This leads to land insecurity.
  2. Poor living conditions – when an area is urbanized, the slums that are created get overcrowded. This eventually makes it very difficult to people to maintain sanitation. This is why several other problems arise. When this happens, more and more diseases are likely to come about. When an area crowd, the chances of it having all the facilities are also a lot lesser. This means that there is hardly any electricity or sewage disposal present in the area.
  3. Unemployment – when a lot of people accumulate in a single area, it makes it essentially difficult to find them all jobs that are suitable enough to provide them with a healthy and decent lifestyle.
  4. Crime – when people are evicted from their lands and thrown into a tiny place to strive, the chances of them adhering to criminal activities are higher.

These are all the reasons why urbanization is a negative thing as it is a positive.

Environmental Impact Of Urbanization

  1. Temperature Increase - when land is being cleared off the natural factors such as vegetation, trees and plants, it directly impacts the flux of temperature. When these lands are cleared and buildings and high end apartments are established in replacement the land is prone to absorbing more heat at a faster rate.
  2. Air pollution – when industries and factories release a lot of gases, the area around it is exposed to harmful gases. These gases do not only pose threat to the environment but do so to the people too. This directly influences the rate at which any vegetation can be restored in the area and in the grand scheme of things influences global warming.
  3. Changes in Natural Water Cycle – when land is altered and a well maintained area becomes a spot for carrying the waste and sewage of places, it naturally disturbs the water cycle. When this happens, the drinking water is affected. This means that every individual consuming is becomes prone to several health diseases.

Hence, if you are considering urbanizing an area, it is best to consider the good and the bad side effects of the act.

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