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Best Tips On Where To Look For Free Descriptive Essay Examples

The first thing you need to understand when looking for descriptive essay examples is what a descriptive essay is. For this kind of assignment the paper should describe a person, place, thing, or event in detail. If you are unfamiliar with writing descriptive papers, having an example to guide you can be very helpful.

To find free examples of descriptive essays, start your search in these places:

  • Writing contests
  • Writing contests can be one of the best ways to find examples of any kind of essay or paper. Most writing contests will publish or post either the top winners or all the entries on their webpage for the last year or two, meaning that they will have plenty of examples for you to choose from. And, because you can find the winners, you’ll know which of them are the best. Most writing contests either use narrative, descriptive, or sometimes argumentative prompts, so you’ll have a good change of finding a descriptive one in the bunch.

  • Your Librarian
  • Most students underestimate what a great resource their librarian can be. In addition to helping you find resources in the library, they generally know where to look outside of the library too. Let them know that you are looking for a sample, and they should be able to tell you where you can find one.

  • Internet Searches
  • A simple internet search can help to you find many examples of papers. Try a search like ‘sample descriptive essay’ and look for results with a .edu address, as they are more likely to be good sources. Specifically, you should look for sample papers from university of high school writing centers, as many of them also include an explanation of what the paper should include, and what makes a great paper. If your school has a writing center, you should also consider dropping by and asking if they have any sample papers there.

  • Internet Forums
  • While they can be very hit or miss, internet forums can be a great way to crowd source academic resources like sample papers. You can post that you are looking for sample descriptive papers, and people will likely post past papers they have written or papers from resources they have. Just be careful to use a discerning eye on any papers you get, as you won’t be sure how high quality they are. While finding sample papers this way won’t ensure that they are top notch, it can still help to get you some good ideas.

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