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How To Get A Free Persuasive Essay: Tips For Middle School Students

Sometimes, life gets in the way of your responsibilities and priorities; no matter how old you are or what grade you’re in, schoolwork can quickly pile up and become too much to handle. When papers are due and you haven’t even gotten started, it might be a last resort that you buy your paper. There are many possible places you can look for an essay, and regardless of whether or not you’re expected to write a persuasive, narrative, or expository, you can find a free sample somewhere. Here are some tips, specifically for those students in middle school, on how to obtain a strong, and free, persuasive essay.

  • Ask your classmates: Friends and peers at your middle school might have previously taken the class your paper is for, and may have previously written the paper. Make sure that the paper isn’t being turned in to the same teacher, as this is a sure way to get caught and penalized for plagiarism. If you have friends from other schools, see if they have a relevant essay that could be used for your prompt.
  • Look online: The internet has an endless connection to papers and other resources. A simple search indicating certain keywords that you’re looking for is the best way to find something, so indicate that you are looking for both a ‘persuasive’ paper and one that is free. One of the benefits of using the Internet to find your paper is that, unlike taking a friend’s paper, you can find reviews and comments describing other student’s experiences with the same provider.
  • Ask a writing service: Writing services exist both at the school and the local library. Many meet up and help tutor or practice lessons with students after school, and many also have past documents and papers available for students to reference. Ask to review one of the samples and then take pictures of it. Then, you can replicate the paper.
  • Make an agreement with another student: Maybe writing isn’t your strongest suit, but you’re pretty good at math; and maybe the kid who sits behind you in class needs help with Calculus homework that you can provide. Make a deal to do their homework in exchange for their writing your essay. These types of arrangements are beneficial to both parties and help you both get a higher grade.

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