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5 Key Components Of A Good Reflective Expository Essay

The key components of writing an attractive, reflective and expository essay are engaged below, all these components to be given a through thought after keen preparation on the essay so as to offer engaging ideas and prompt insight deep into the subject that is reflected. Reflective essays are written in less formal style and the main focuses of such essays are author’s perspectives and ideas that are incorporated with supportive evidence. The key components are,

Thesis: this is the main proposition of the essay and is not the topic but the subject area of the essay. A thesis should be arguable and there should be provision for intelligent ways to disagree with that. Arguability alone defines a good thesis and it is explicated on the first page itself.

Question of problem: the problem is the intellectual quotient within which the thesis lies. The author of the essay should clarify this problem as this would remain mistaken and obscured. This question or problem gets stated within the first few paragraphs of the essay and it is the role of the essay to solve this problem or illuminate it.

Evidence: academic writers re-examine evidence that are commonly over-looked by others. The evidence indeed persuades and suggests readers to go on with the essay. A good thesis is to be arguable and academic writers are obligated to consider counter evidence, and let their essays grapple with patterns, facts and passages that resist the main argument of the essay.

Analysis: the essay writer has to transform evidence into argument, so as to show the reader that the essay supports and extends the thesis of the essay. The analysis of the essay should highlight significant details of evidence, name patterns and use two words of analysis for every citation the author makes. The main role of analysis is to highlight important aspects of evidence and to name patterns that might otherwise go undetected.

Structure of the essay: another key component of an essay is its structure through which its sections get stitched and organized together either by repetition or by chronology. But more professional essays demand that its sections gets organized in a logical way and develop logical implications of the thesis more deeply as essay pages extends. It is important for a reflective expository essay to let its readers understand how each new section of the essay extends the argument that precedes it and get ready for the argument that follows it.

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