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Academic Writing Tips: Discussing The Structure Of An Informative Essay

Informative essays are quite useful. Their main purpose is to educate or analyze a particular topic without being biased since the intention is not to convince the reader of anything, simply to enlighten. Here are some guidelines that will be of great assistance when writing an informative essay:

  1. Research the topic thoroughly
  2. Before you begin to write, it is wise to take some time and completely familiarize yourself with the topic. If you were fortunate to have gotten a topic that you were already familiar with, even better, but when this is not the case, it is very useful to have a proper grasp of a topic before attempting to present an explanation to someone else.

  3. Read argumentative papers on the topic
  4. This may not be an argumentative piece but that doesn’t mean that points from those sources won’t be valid. Argumentative writers usually hit a topic from the strongest angles and these angles could prove to be helpful in getting at the truth in any study.

  5. Organize data
  6. Take the time and develop an efficient system of data management. Some research can require stacks upon stacks of books and papers and one can easily become overwhelmed, or lost in the pile. Taking a little time at the start can make data management much easier, which will ensure that you have access to all important pieces of information at all times.

  7. Classify
  8. Some kinds if data can’t be realistically compared to others so organizing them into groups and classes is useful. This helps makes the transition from data into information which is a big step when presenting an analysis.

  9. Choose the best format for presentation
  10. Some information may come in the form of numbers and dates, while others can be percentages and ratios. All existing forms of presentation are not suited to every possible type of data, for example, you would not use a pie chart to show the rate of earthquake occurrences on earth.

  11. Citations and references
  12. It is unavoidable to have to make use of research conducted previously and it is very important that proper references and citations are given. One must also be very careful not to misquote someone when using their works.

  13. State methods of information gathering
  14. For the benefit of the reader, and also to promote credibility to your paper, you must outline the methods you used and what measures were taken to ensure accurate and unbiased data collection.

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