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Writing A Winning Essay On The Effectiveness Of The Criminal Justice System

Criminal justice is a fascinating subject, so it can make for an excellent topic for an essay. If you’d like to learn how to write an absolutely winning essay on the effectiveness of the CJS, this great guide can show you exactly how to do just that.

Decide which criminal justice system you’re going to write about

Before you can actually compose your paper, you need to decide exactly which CJS you’re going to write about. Will it be that of your home country? Or, perhaps it’ll be that of a foreign country? Don’t forget that you’ll have to compose an entire paper about it, so make sure that you can actually find enough information and data about the one you select.

How to write your essay

After you’ve made your decision, you can get started on the process of writing your essay on the effectiveness of the CJS. The following steps can guide you:

Step 1: Do your research

You have to start the process by thoroughly researching your topic. You can do so on the Internet, and at the library. The library should have many useful books and journals for you to consult. Just remember that you have to consult reputable sources. You shouldn’t include any information from questionable sources, as it will lower the standard of your paper.

Step 2: Formulate an outline

Once you have a good idea of what information you’d like to include in your paper, you need to formulate a proper outline for it. The outline need not be too detailed, as it’s only a way to sort out your ideas and information before you start writing.

Step 3: Compose your paper

Now, it’s time to compose your essay. You can do a rough draft first, and the revise it later. So, just start by getting all the information in the order you want it. Don’t worry about things like style or grammar just yet.

Step 4: Edit and proofread your paper

The last step is to edit and proofread your essay. Make sure that the ideas flow logically throughout it, and that your facts are correct. And, check for typos, spelling errors and grammatical errors.

One last thing to remember…

Finally, it’s vital that you remember that this is a factual piece, not an opinion piece. So, don’t include your own opinion, or any anecdotal evidence. This will only jeopardise your grades.

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