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Essential Points To Be Mentioned In Arts Expository Essay In 4th Grade

An expository essay serves the purpose of defining and explaining a topic in a clear and concise way. Normally, students in 4th grade are advised to write five paragraphs per paper. Each paragraph contains a topic sentence, four or less example sentences and a concluding sentence that replicates the main idea. Below are key points you should keep in mind when writing your arts expository article.

Points to mention in an arts expository essay.

  • In the first segment, creatively introduce the topic. Make your introduction as catchy and short as possible. You can research for great topic ideas and try to create your own using the vast knowledge. Try to relate ideas that are related and present in an organised manner, using transitional phrases. Let the thoughts flow in a sequential manner.
  • Give relevant examples on every level of your writing. Use what you have been taught by your tutor and what you have learnt on your own to compose interesting examples that will give the reader a clear picture thus increasing their understanding. Examples may be facts, definitions, quotes among others.
  • Note down the purpose of you writing the article. Inform your reader what you are aiming to achieve through the piece of work. Provide an in-depth explanation of your rationale for writing. This will help create the bigger picture in the reader’s mind.
  • Give a brief historical background, if any, on the topic. This will show the reader that you did your research well and are able to write in a clear manner. It will also help the reader get a better understanding. To write this properly, consult your tutor or include research methods at your disposal.
  • Write a concluding statement that will sum up all your ideas. Remember to review your main topic here, giving your concluding opinions based on the main content of your work. Remember not to introduce new ideas in the conclusion. Make this brief and satisfactory.

Finally, it is important to conduct thorough research before writing your essay. Write a draft piece first and make all adjustments there before settling on the finished draft. Pay special attention to sentence structuring and vocabulary use. Make your ideas well understood by writing clearly, avoiding ambiguous words that do not make sense. Finally, proofread your work and correct any errors.

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