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10 essay writing topics on my hobby: fresh ideas for middle school

An easy essay topic for students can include writing about their favorite hobby. The element of writing an essay on a hobby gives something unique and ideal to the assignment. Students will be able to complete their assignment with ease while giving insightful information about their interests. In this case you can review ways to write about your hobby and choose which is best for you. Here are tips to help you get ideas on how to write your essay on your hobby.

Understanding Your Hobby of Interest before Writing an Essay about It

Writing about a hobby of interest can be a fun assignment. You need to think about information that is interesting people should know to get an idea of what to include for your topic idea. First you will select a hobby you want to write about. Next you can review guidelines for your assignment that will help you make a good choice. If the assignment is long in length consider details you can discuss about your hobby that will provide enough content.

Selecting an Essay Topic Suitable for Your Hobby

Choosing a hobby may be easy depending on what you like best. You can make a list of things you like to do and eliminate ideas you think may not be as exciting. Think about different angles to write your hobby about. Your essay can describe the first time you discovered your hobby or why the activity is special to you. Use sources such as the internet and trade magazines to get interesting details to include in your paper.

10 Writing Prompts for a Potential Essay Topic on Your Hobby

Developing an angle for your hobby can be overwhelming. To make the process a little easier here are 10 writing prompts to review.

  1. Why this is your favorite hobby.
  2. How the hobby helps you be a better student.
  3. How you started with the hobby.
  4. Would you suggest the hobby to others?
  5. Reasons you find yourself doing the hobby.
  6. Can you see yourself doing the hobby after finishing middle school?
  7. When a hobby has connections to a career interest.
  8. Sharing hobby interests with family or friends.
  9. Things people may not know about your hobby of interest.
  10. When a hobby helps build self-esteem.

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